Behooving the public with a touch of ignorance

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Happy HalloWHOOPS – C.P.T. : S02 EP16

We’re late, so what… You’ve never been late before?!? Sometimes ya gotta wait for good things in life. Anywayz – We got Ghost Stories, Singing, Throat Clear Compilations, and a

WANT – L.E. Interview S02:Ep15

Special guest L.E. sits down with the guys and gives her perspective on music, her creativity and beginning in music. This new artist has a lot to say and some really good music, you should really “want” to hear. … Continue reading…WANT – L.E. Interview S02:Ep15

Mr. Raj Smoove ‘The Greatest DJ In The World’

To So Ig Team interviews Mr. Dj. Rajer Smoove – He gives us insight into his touring with Cash Money , Lil Wayne and Dj Mannie Fresh … Continue reading…Mr. Raj Smoove ‘The Greatest DJ In The World’

Knock a Ni&&@ Sh*^ Loose – S2 Ep 14.5

☢🎙A New Orleans High School Football Coach at St. Augustine was fired for leading his athletes in a chant. We discuss the politics of the decision and how raising young


Topics Include : A.B. and Sqad up quotes , Kasso Rave Intro , CTE Possibilities, snitch 9 protective custody , White Lady Saying Nigger Loud a.f. in CVS , How Old is too old to kiss your kids on the mouth? , Boot Up Or Shutup – “ Dee-Low The Diamond Man – Ft. Curren$y – (Way 2 up Remix) , Du Rag Aficionado, Stylist Washing your hair, Gradner Minshew QB Jaguars , Pelicans hire Hall of Fame WNBA player “Theresa Witherspoon” as assistant coach, Zion ahead of Klay Thompson on top 100 , Pop Smoke & Dave East , Missing the Snitching Boobytrap , Popeye , PPl Robbing on the Westbank and Shamrock , Juvy sing along again , Favorite Mixtapes EVER , Car Service Tribute , Lex Clears throat… then does it again and again and again fml …… , Broke and Bougie , Throwback Jerseys , Smoker’s Club Clothing … Continue reading…MIXTAPE RAVE PARTY – S02 Ep13