DUMB SMART : So I Guess It’s A SportsCast

Running of the bulls Lilweezyana Fest , Antonio Brown leaves the raiders and is immediately picked up by N.E. Patriots , Snax does a Spicy Noodle Challenge , Boot Up

So Ig Podcast


Big Raggedy Rolling Sessions with Choreographed Thotery to Wipe me Down ,  The Return of B Sleep, Undercover Cop = UNDER THE COVERS cop  , Sticks and Stones Dave Chappelle

Chronicles of “Encyclopedia of a Side Chick” S02 Ep08

Lexington the Thespian , Encyclopedia of a side chick, Introduction of Boot up or shutup segment, G6ix – Splash , Big Spoon Little Spoon, Chic-Fil-A Vs Popeyes , Streaming vs.

White Mamba Mentality

White MAMBA Mentality – S02 Ep07

White on White Violence – White Mamba vs Rappaport, Jigga – Goodell – Kap & the Nfl , Zeke sitting out, Dak Preskott turning down 30 Million , Boogie Cousins

Drunken Podcaster – S02 Ep06

Dre Ellington makes his way back from L.A., Kasso’s Drunk, Dre Lover Voice, Favors and Expectations, Lil wayne’s musical trajectory, Stay HiDrated Twitter Beef, Carmelo Missing the U.S.A. Olympics Team, L.A. Dispensaries, Apple new phone same shit, Kids having access to youtube, Jason Shitlock , Taco Tuuuueeeesssddayyy, McDowells ,­­­ LeBron James Greatness and his Lebronaholics, Fame vs. Money, Amazon vs Netflix vs Disney, Nardwuar, Wold Star Hip Hop , … Continue reading…Drunken Podcaster – S02 Ep06

La Croix Williamson – S02 Ep05

Michael Thomas 100 Million Dollar Man, Mass Shootings in El Paso, White Supremacy, Mario Lopez Kid Gender Talk, Zion Williamson shopping for La Croix in Rouses, Siri Ribs Adrian Peterson’s Financial Problems … Continue reading…La Croix Williamson – S02 Ep05

Re-Emergence of Anonomous – S02 Ep02

Today we discuss Gene’s Po-boys Closing down, Lavar Ball comments on ESPN, Zion Williamson Trade and more…. … Continue reading…Re-Emergence of Anonomous – S02 Ep02

Extra Seasoning – S02 Ep01

Extra Seasoning – The beginning of Season 2 of Sophisticated Ignorance http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/www.soigpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/Season2mp3s/S02-E01-Extra-Seasoning.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Email |