Jet Life’s DJ Kelly Green – Up In Smoke

The Sophisticated Ignorance team is back at your toppington with another exclusive conversation for your mentals. Today we sit with the talented DJ Kelly Green, as we indulge in the rituals of the Rastafarian people, we get to know about her musical endeavors. From her beginnings, influences, and her goals. She’s not just a DJ, she’s a rapper and all-around musical talent. Join us on this audio journey as we get to know Kelly in a Sophisticated, yet Ignorant way. 

Jet Life’s DJ Kelly Green’s Interview with So Ig Podcast
Up In Smoke Interview – DJ Kelly Green

Boot Up Or Shutup Segment :

Fendi P. “Pretty Tony 2”

Click timecode to skip to song 40:00

Fendi P. – Be My Bitch
Fendi P – Pretty Tony 2

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