Kayla got the 411 guest appearance by Lex, Antonio Brown Rape Allegations, Saints Vs Texans , Scholarship Scandals different punishments, Delante West Mental Health Issues , Pinch of Positivity – Spiritual Enlightenment  , Boot Up Or Shutup – PaaSky Rue Frerret Freestyle  ,Good Mob Movies and Something Called “Revolver” lol , Lex’s New Found Dvd Player , BET Uncut Videos, Weddings and Back That Azz Up Song , Universal Smash Hits, Honoring and Remembering DMX , Jay-Z Ha remix , Ride Dat – Juvenille and Lil Wayne , Lafayette DJ’s , Lex’s New hit single “Young Boys Everywhere” , KODAK “Let me drive the boat” ,  OBJ Greg Williams Beef, Sean Peyton 5 year extension, The Manning’s Athleticism , nolamuziktv on IG,  Supporting Local, Hardin Park – 7th Ward , Belly and Hype Williams , So Ig Movie ,

Paasky’s – Rue Freret Freestyle

Boot Up Or Shutup – So Ig Music

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Mob Mentality – So Ig Podcast

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