Big Raggedy Rolling Sessions with Choreographed Thotery to Wipe me Down ,  The Return of B Sleep, Undercover Cop = UNDER THE COVERS cop  , Sticks and Stones Dave Chappelle Special , Kasso Drafting during the Pod,  Juicy Smooliet , Making it vs Faking it , Boot Up or Shut Up  – Green Tea  by Pza Mnd, Kaep Chronicles ,  Lavar Ball  recap switching gears, Dorian Makes landfall, Travis Scott Netflix Documentary , Top 5 personal favorite Rappers , Drug Culture in Musicians and glorifying drug use , Future not using Drugs , Coming to America Remake , Kevin hart Car accident , Dave East Acting , Old Cats Flexing on the gram , So Ig Training Combine, Lex’s Unspoken Play , Teleportation and Baton Rouge Traffic , Swamp People Segment  , No Limit or Cash Money ties to NOLA Rappers, Underatted Song – French and Wiz “French Inhale” ,

Season 2 Episode 9 – Words Should Never Hurt – So Ig Podcast

Click Numbers below to Skip to “Boot Up or Shut Up” Segment to listen to Pza Mnd “Green Tea” Single – 11:30

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